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A Girl Abroad: Travelling Art Studio

Published by The Style Line, August 2016 Arriving in another country, it’s common to assume that a new place will inspire new ideas. I wanted to paint more, and somehow this seemed more compatible to a rural Italian lifestyle than a life lived in a Liverpool flat. We shuffled some furniture around to create a […]

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Cinque Terre

Italy Uncovered: Cinque Terre

Published by Ryanair, July 2016 It’s the picture-perfect route that pops up on Pinterest and is immediately pinned on your bucket list. The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is named after the string of five pastel-coloured fishing villages along the rocky Lingurian Coast. The route winds from west to east along the dramatic stretch of coastline, passing through the […]

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Hannah Frances Italy Travel Writer

A Girl Abroad: Italian Landscapes & Bella Figura

Published by The Style Line, August 2016 When we arrived at Casa Celeste, the fields surrounding the house were bare. The russet earth was freshly ploughed, a neat linear pattern disappearing into the distance until the furrowed lines touched – even in the business of farming, this obsessive craftsmanship could only be Italian. We lazily […]

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Hannah Frances Travel Writer Liverpool

The Georgian Quarter

Published by Treaded Travels, August 2016   Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter is home to the largest concentration of Georgian architecture outside of London. Its cobbled streets are flanked with ornate lampposts, wide pavements and townhouses skirted with wrought iron railings. The slopes of Hardman Street and Upper Duke Street offer views over the city, rolling all the way […]

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A Girl Abroad: Housesitting in Italy

Published by The Style Line July 2016 I resent paying rent. We are the much-analysed generation of twenty-somethings who will never own a house because of the extortionate rent we pay in the cities we need to live in to irreverently hop from job to job every 18 months. Jaded by career anxiety and not […]

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A Day in Gallipoli

Gallipoli presents a rich swag of history, architecture and cuisine, evident as soon as you cross into the walled centro storico. The old town is on an island over a small stretch of Ionian water from its modern appendage, which sprawls inland. Its atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming and completely unique. Baroque churches, a perfect, golden curve of beach and the […]

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Autumn in Italy

Published by Avis July 2016 September is the loveliest month to visit Italy as it marks the arrival of Autumn: the peak season for food and wine across the country. As well as the gorgeously earthy dishes splashed across menus, visiting just outside of the high season will also mean fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. […]

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Hannah Frances Urbino Marche Travel Writer

Shades of Toffee in Urbino

Urbino is a happy colour of fudge. Fudge and oat before the sun dips, darkening to shards of rich toffee later. The calf-ruiningly-steep university town shines brightest at sunset. It’s slender skyline, barbed with renaissance towers and modern antennae, glows and burns as lights flicker over the elegant passeggiata.   

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Hannah Frances Venice Travel Writer

Things you need to know about Venice

Published by Ryanair July 2016 The Bacari Venice’s back-street bacari offer a cheap and authentic taste of the city. Do as the locals do, and pop in to one of these tiny hole-in-the-wall bars for a small glass of white wine (un ombre – literally a shadow, or a shade) and a plate of tasty […]

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Polignano hannah francés travel writer

Shades of White in Puglia

The white ramparts of the centro storico shelter the white arcs of beach that scallop the edges of the Ionan and the Adriatic. There’s a gentle jangle of white fishing boats as they bring in the day’s haul and the whir of a rusted Piaggio Ape. Espresso trickles slowly into its small, white receptacle in a café […]

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Italian Festivals

Published by Avis July 2016 The Italians love a good festival and there’s certainly not a shortage of them this August. There are thousands of festivals in Italy which celebrate religious holidays, gastronomic specialities, ancient traditions, contemporary music and the performing arts. From local parades to major festivals, the innumerous festa across the country offer great insight into […]

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Hannah Frances Venice Photography Travel Writer

Shades of Rose in Venice

Miracle of the Relic of the Cross at the Rialto Bridge by Vittore Carpaccio depicts a procession over Venice’s Rialto Bridge. In the painting, a splinter of the holy cross is held before a man possessed and he is instantly healed. It’s one of eight canvases in Sala XX of the Academia in Venice that narrate […]

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Hannah Frances Lisbon Travel Writer

10 things you need to know about Lisbon

Published by Ryanair July 2016 Lisbon has been named as one of the top travel destinations for 2016. Here are the things you need to know before you visit this year… 1. It’s old. The second oldest capital city in Europe, actually, after Athens. The great earthquake in 1755 destroyed the town’s commercial centre of […]

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Hannah Frances Suitcase Magazine Italy

Driving in Italy

Driving in Italy raises many a question, but mostly why I am here? and how am I still here?. I’m manoeuvring around a thousand hairpin bends down the sheer face of an enormous mountain in a 1 litre city car so foolishly booked on a price comparison website. This is terrible. Crazy people keep overtaking […]

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Italy’s Secret Region

Published by Ryanair May 2016 Pronounced MAR-kay, the thumb-shaped region is a picturesque and affordable region of Italy to explore. With 180km of sparkling turquoise Adriatic coastline to its east and the Apennine mountain range to its west, the undulating landscape is scattered with historic hill towns packed with medieval architecture and renaissance treasures. We’ve rounded […]

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Hannah Frances Iceland Travel Writer

Shades of Ochre in Iceland

The drama soaked scenery of West Iceland, with its buttery ochre tones against big, big skies, is well deserved of deviation from the well trodden Golden Circle. Take the ribbon-like roads northwards from Reykjavik to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and continue along the strong shoulders of the northern coastline to Akureyri. This cinematic expanse of landscape, peppered with fat waterfalls and […]

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Helena Almeida Lisbon City Guide

Feet on Earth, Head in the Sky

The Monument to the Discoveries – Padrão das Descobertas – sits tall and imposing on the northern bank of Lisbon’s Tagus Estuary. Honouring the navigators that led Portugal’s discovery expeditions into the New World in the 15th century, the monument was carved by preeminent sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida. Since the 60s, Almeida’s studio in Lisbon has been used […]

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Hannah Frances Paris Travel Writer

Shades of Biscuit in Paris

The honeyed boulevards of France’s capital are smart and uniform: a result of Baron Haussmann’s grand renovation of the city at the end of the 19th century. Aérer, unifier, et embellir; Napoléon III instructed Haussmann to envision a new Paris that is airy, unified and beautiful. Paris was rebuilt using a soft limestone quarried from the Oise, which is now branded ‘Paris Stone’. Colours sweep […]

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Hannah Frances Lisbon Travel Writer

A Horticultural Acid Trip

Lord Byron raved about Sintra, his ‘glorious Eden’. Once the summer escape of Portugal’s royal and wealthy, Sintra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site popular with Lisbon day trippers for its romantic architecture and lush vegetation. Lisbon is rarely blighted by miserable weather but as the last day of our trip greeted us with […]

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10 things you need to know about living in Los Angeles

1. It’s really big. You’ll start to truly believe that 45 minutes is an acceptable amount of time to get somewhere. Anywhere. The city sprawls over 469 square miles – compare that to Paris’ 42sqm and you’ll start to see what I mean. 2. Everything you hear about the traffic is true. Gridlocked freeways are […]

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