Luxembourg City guide

City Guide: Luxembourg

Published by Suitcase Magazine, October 2017 The Grand Duchy’s lofty capital is a multi-storey city of high culture, hybrid dining and a festive, royal mood. If your preconceptions of Luxembourg are of a pint-sized country of wealthy financial institutions, rolexes and suits, then you will be surprised by the allure of its quaint capital of […]

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Two days in Naples: Vesuvius, Vespas and Vongole

Published by Travel Supermarket, June 2017 – Image credits: With its perfect pizza, passionate people and thousands of battered, beeping scooters, Naples is a deliciously chaotic place. The port city hugs the curve of the Bay of Naples, where elegant boulevards and twisting alleys sprawl under the ominous shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Italy’s third […]

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hannah francés bologna italy travel guide

City Guide: Bologna

Published by Suitcase Magazine, April 2017 Bologna is an affluent city of medieval skyscrapers, left wing politics and fantastic cuisine. The first thing that strikes you is the fiery colour palette. The tangerine walls, scarlet shutters and sizzling terracotta roof tiles are warm and welcoming. Befittingly, Bologna is nicknamed la Rossa, or ‘the Red’ – though […]

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Alternative City Guide: Paris

Published by Avis Inspires Magazine, March 2017 – Image credit: iStock Paris is a designer city. Napoléon III instructed town planner Baron Haussmann to envision a more beautiful face for Paris. The resulting tree-lined boulevards and their honey-coloured stone facades are emblematic of the 19th century capital and its bourgeois class. Although Paris nurtures its cliches […]

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48 Hours in Liverpool

Published by Ryanair, January 2016 – Image Credit: iStock Liverpool is a down to earth city with a warm soul and a real sense of community. As a relatively small city, it’s easy to explore by foot, and convivial locals will always be happy to point you in the right direction. As well as its […]

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48 Hours in Turin

Published by Avis, December 2016 Often overlooked by visitors, Turin is one of Italy’s greatest cities. The movement to unify Italy was born in Turin, as was the Fiat, Nutella and many of Italy’s most famous chocolatiers. Turin offers uncrowded boulevards lined with elegant cafes, delicious Piedmontese cuisine and high culture – all on the […]

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48 Hours in Los Angeles

Published by Avis, October 2016 – Image Credits: iStock Los Angeles is a multi-faceted metropolis made up of hundreds of distinctive urban pockets. Sprawled across 500 square miles, LA’s deep-rooted communities are rich in ethnic diversity and offer many different experiences that are impossible to pack into one trip. From bohemian beach communities to Hollywood […]

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