Hotel Review: Torre Palombara

Published by Telegraph Travel, June 2017 Torre Palombara, Umbria, Italy: 9/10 This family run bed-and-breakfast has a charming history as a 15th century dove tower, lovingly restored and converted to welcome guests for a peaceful countryside escape near the medieval town of Narni. Location: 8/10 Just over an hour by car or train from Rome, this […]

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Locanda della Posta Telegraph Travel Hannah Frances

Hotel Review: Locanda della Posta

Published by Telegraph Travel, June 2017 Locanda della Posta, Umbria, Italy: 8/10 A luxury townhouse on Perugia’s liveliest street with minimalist interiors and techie touches, popular with corporates and couples. Location: 9/10 Ideally located on the city’s main thoroughfare of Corso Vanucci with its bars, restaurants, high street shops and lively evening passeggiata. Whether this is […]

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Locanda Del Gallo Hannah Frances Hotel Review

Hotel Review: Locanda del Gallo

Published by Telegraph Travel, June 2017 – Photo credit: Locanda del Gallo Locanda del Gallo, Umbria, Italy: 8/10 This well-loved family locanda is unique in its incredible situation, perched high on a ridge above the Tiber valley, and it’s unusual Indonesian design influences. A genuine home away from home and haven for those in search of […]

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Two days in Naples: Vesuvius, Vespas and Vongole

Published by Travel Supermarket, June 2017 – Image credits: With its perfect pizza, passionate people and thousands of battered, beeping scooters, Naples is a deliciously chaotic place. The port city hugs the curve of the Bay of Naples, where elegant boulevards and twisting alleys sprawl under the ominous shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Italy’s third […]

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Hannah Frances Borgo di Carpiano Telegraph Travel

Hotel Review: Borgo di Carpiano

Published by Telegraph Travel, June 2017 Borgo di Carpiano, Umbria, Italy: 9/10 It’s not difficult to fall head over heels in love with this other-worldly retreat tucked away in the Umbrian hills. Run with true kindness and grace, it’s a luxury getaway for travellers in the know and remains Umbria’s best kept secret. Location: 9/10 […]

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Hotel Review: Relais Todini

Published by Telegraph Travel, June 2017 – Photo credit: Relais Todini Relais Todini, Umbria, Italy: 9/10 A five star hilltop resort on a working wine estate with magnificent 360-degree views. Regular guests appreciate the privacy, sophisticated restaurant and vast hunting grounds. The tour and tasting at the estate cantina is fabulous, and the wines are surprisingly […]

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hannah francés bologna italy travel guide

City Guide: Bologna

Published by Suitcase Magazine, April 2017 Bologna is an affluent city of medieval skyscrapers, left wing politics and fantastic cuisine. The first thing that strikes you is the fiery colour palette. The tangerine walls, scarlet shutters and sizzling terracotta roof tiles are warm and welcoming. Befittingly, Bologna is nicknamed la Rossa, or ‘the Red’ – though […]

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Polignano hannah francés travel writer

Postcards from Puglia

Published by The Style Line Puglia (poo-lia) is the region in the heel of Italy’s boot. We arrived in April, and immediately noticed how quiet everywhere was – the pretty villages charmingly so; the modern holiday resorts eerily so. We had arrived at the tail end of the off-season, so until May it was just us in short sleeves […]

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Alternative City Guide: Paris

Published by Avis Inspires Magazine, March 2017 – Image credit: iStock Paris is a designer city. Napoléon III instructed town planner Baron Haussmann to envision a more beautiful face for Paris. The resulting tree-lined boulevards and their honey-coloured stone facades are emblematic of the 19th century capital and its bourgeois class. Although Paris nurtures its cliches […]

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48 Hours in Liverpool

Published by Ryanair, January 2016 – Image Credit: iStock Liverpool is a down to earth city with a warm soul and a real sense of community. As a relatively small city, it’s easy to explore by foot, and convivial locals will always be happy to point you in the right direction. As well as its […]

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Turin Travel Guide

A Girl Abroad: Cocktail Hour In Torino

Published by The Style Line, January 2017 We arrived at the station knowing very little about Turin, other than that we were to spend the next few days with one of N’s friends who was in town for an exhibition. So with few expectations and a handful of spots to meet for a drink, we […]

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A Girl Abroad: A Weekend in Milan

Published by The Style Line, December 2016 My love affair with Italy has so far neglected Milan, overshadowed in my mind by the allure of Rome, Florence and Venice. I assumed the modish business and fashion capital to be too shiny, cool and organised to sate yearning for a fiery and delicious Italian break. We […]

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48 Hours in Turin

Published by Avis, December 2016 Often overlooked by visitors, Turin is one of Italy’s greatest cities. The movement to unify Italy was born in Turin, as was the Fiat, Nutella and many of Italy’s most famous chocolatiers. Turin offers uncrowded boulevards lined with elegant cafes, delicious Piedmontese cuisine and high culture – all on the […]

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48 Hours in Los Angeles

Published by Avis, October 2016 – Image Credits: iStock Los Angeles is a multi-faceted metropolis made up of hundreds of distinctive urban pockets. Sprawled across 500 square miles, LA’s deep-rooted communities are rich in ethnic diversity and offer many different experiences that are impossible to pack into one trip. From bohemian beach communities to Hollywood […]

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Hannah Frances Suitcase Magazine Italy

Five Italian Roadtrips

Published by Suitcase Magazine September 2016 Whether you’re admiring the room-with-a-view romance of the Tuscan countryside or the Alpine drama of the northern lakes, the Italian landscape is surprisingly diverse. To explore the aesthetic and edible bounty of Italy’s great regions, pack yourself into a Fiat Cinquecento and tour the bel paese (beautiful country) by car. […]

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enrica rocca venice cooking school

Eating in Venice with Enrica Rocca

Published by Suitcase Magazine, September 2016 In Venice, you’ll find no better host than Enrica Rocca. An aristocratic Venetian born and raised, Enrica runs one of the best cookery schools in the world from her grandiose loft apartment in the heart of the Dorsoduro district. We met on the market side of the Rialto bridge, […]

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Hannah Frances Travel Writer New Orleans

Notes on Travelling Alone

I spent a couple of years working for a jazz production company in Los Angeles. Travelling was a big part of the job, and for the most part, I was doing it solo. I explored Memphis, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, much of Alaska and a bit of Mexico between festivals and […]

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Caffe Florian Venice itinerary

A Girl Abroad: A Birthday in Venice

Published by The Style Line, September 2016 First class train tickets are sparingly priced between Bologna and Venice, so we smugly settled into wide seats upholstered in royal blue leather for a comfy two-hour journey. Soon, we were gawping at the fairytale view over the Venetian Lagoon as the train rolled across the long causeway […]

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A Girl Abroad: Travelling Art Studio

Published by The Style Line, August 2016 Arriving in another country, it’s common to assume that a new place will inspire new ideas. I wanted to paint more, and somehow this seemed more compatible to a rural Italian lifestyle than a life lived in a Liverpool flat. We shuffled some furniture around to create a […]

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Cinque Terre

Italy Uncovered: Cinque Terre

Published by Ryanair, July 2016 It’s the picture-perfect route that pops up on Pinterest and is immediately pinned on your bucket list. The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is named after the string of five pastel-coloured fishing villages along the rocky Lingurian Coast. The route winds from west to east along the dramatic stretch of coastline, passing through the […]

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A Girl Abroad: Italian Landscapes & Bella Figura

Published by The Style Line, August 2016 When we arrived at Casa Celeste, the fields surrounding the house were bare. The russet earth was freshly ploughed, a neat linear pattern disappearing into the distance until the furrowed lines touched – even in the business of farming, this obsessive craftsmanship could only be Italian. We lazily […]

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Hannah Frances Travel Writer Liverpool

The Georgian Quarter

Published by Treaded Travels, August 2016   Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter is home to the largest concentration of Georgian architecture outside of London. Its cobbled streets are flanked with ornate lampposts, wide pavements and townhouses skirted with wrought iron railings. The slopes of Hardman Street and Upper Duke Street offer views over the city, rolling all the way […]

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A Girl Abroad: Housesitting in Italy

Published by The Style Line July 2016 I resent paying rent. We are the much-analysed generation of twenty-somethings who will never own a house because of the extortionate rent we pay in the cities we need to live in to irreverently hop from job to job every 18 months. Jaded by career anxiety and not […]

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A Day in Gallipoli

Gallipoli presents a rich swag of history, architecture and cuisine, evident as soon as you cross into the walled centro storico. The old town is on an island over a small stretch of Ionian water from its modern appendage, which sprawls inland. Its atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming and completely unique. Baroque churches, a perfect, golden curve of beach and the […]

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Autumn in Italy

Published by Avis July 2016 September is the loveliest month to visit Italy as it marks the arrival of Autumn: the peak season for food and wine across the country. As well as the gorgeously earthy dishes splashed across menus, visiting just outside of the high season will also mean fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. […]

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Hannah Frances Urbino Marche Travel Writer

Shades of Toffee in Urbino

Urbino is a happy colour of fudge. Fudge and oat before the sun dips, darkening to shards of rich toffee later. The calf-ruiningly-steep university town shines brightest at sunset. It’s slender skyline, barbed with renaissance towers and modern antennae, glows and burns as lights flicker over the elegant passeggiata.   

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Hannah Frances Venice Travel Writer

Things you need to know about Venice

Published by Ryanair July 2016 The Bacari Venice’s back-street bacari offer a cheap and authentic taste of the city. Do as the locals do, and pop in to one of these tiny hole-in-the-wall bars for a small glass of white wine (un ombre – literally a shadow, or a shade) and a plate of tasty […]

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